Not Gonna Write Poems: A Poetry Book for All the Non Poets.

By Michael A. Lee

ISBN: 978-1-927538-44-9

Michael A. Lee, a physician turned poet, has released his debut book of humorous children’s poetry and sketches, titled Not Gonna Write Poems: A Poetry Book for All the Non Poets.

Dr. Lee’s book is a collection of unique, witty poems and illustrations meant to be read out loud and enjoyed by both children and adults of all ages. This poetry book was inspired by his family’ slove of the poems and drawings of Shel Silverstein, and it was co-illustrated by Dr. Lee’s young daughter, Jessica.

Unlike some poetry books, Not Gonna Write Poems is not meant to be melancholy or serious;it introduces children to the world of poetry with funny verses and illustrations.

Children are inspired to read poetry, and perhaps to write it themselves, after they read Dr. Lee’s poems about such subjects as homework to snoring to slime to “Whatever Happened to Superman?”

Mike Lee's Revised Book to Make Appearance at Ottawa Book Expo 2020


Fans of Shel Silverstein and children’s poetry are in for a big treat at the 2020 Ottawa Book Expo. Mike Lee’s popular Silverstein-inspired children’s poetry book “Not Gonna Write Poems” will be making a grand re-appearance thanks to its new publisher: Agora Publishing.

Fans recall the poetry collection from its initial publication in Lulu publishing. Despite the quality of its content, Lee recalls that the book hadn’t reached its full potential. Thanks to Agora Publishing, necessary revisions have been made to carry the book to its success. The book now boasts a better layout, design and overall appearance while keeping the heart of the author on display.

Not Gonna Write Poems” (Revised Edition) is a highly family-oriented book that inspires its readers to take notice of the poetic arts. It has steadily grown in popularity thanks to its familial roots and fun, easy to read approach. Mike Lee shares that his book is heavily inspired by the late poet Shel Silverstein’s work.

Shel Silverstein is best known for his descriptive poetry and his ability to connect with readers who find it hard to partake in poetry. Lee has applied the same descriptive style to his poems while talking about things that children will easily be drawn to. The book is filled with quatrains about homework, hiccups, snoring, and other topics that will allow older family members to relate and engage with the group.

Although marketed as a children’s book, Lee’s work is meant for all ages. He shares that he wrote the book in part to entice the older generation to take an interest in poetry. Furthermore, he hopes that his work will invite people of all ages to help keep the poetic arts alive.

The book’s whimsical writing isn’t the only thing that stands out; it also features illustrations drawn by Lee and his 10-year-old daughter. The laid back, easy to understand nature of the poetry and silly illustrations all lend to the aesthetic of the book that Agora Publishing has helped cultivate.

Lee considers his book a modern rendition of his idol’s work and attributes his newfound passion to the late poet. He shares that his family has found a rather productive way of bonding through reading Silverstein’s work and that was an experience he wanted to replicate with his book.

Don’t miss out on the chance to meet the author and experience “Not Gonna Write Poems” first-hand. It’s not only the perfect gift for a budding bookworm, but it is also the perfect addition for a family gathering.