Not Gonna Write Poems: A Poetry Book for All the Non Poets.

By Michael A. Lee

ISBN: 978-1-927538-44-9

Michael A. Lee, a physician turned poet, has released his debut book of humorous children’s poetry and sketches, titled Not Gonna Write Poems: A Poetry Book for All the Non Poets.

Dr. Lee’s book is a collection of unique, witty poems and illustrations meant to be read out loud and enjoyed by both children and adults of all ages. This poetry book was inspired by his family’ slove of the poems and drawings of Shel Silverstein, and it was co-illustrated by Dr. Lee’s young daughter, Jessica.

Unlike some poetry books, Not Gonna Write Poems is not meant to be melancholy or serious;it introduces children to the world of poetry with funny verses and illustrations.

Children are inspired to read poetry, and perhaps to write it themselves, after they read Dr. Lee’s poems about such subjects as homework to snoring to slime to “Whatever Happened to Superman?”

Mike Lee inspires a new generation of poets


When most of us think of poetry, our minds immediately wander to ‘Beowulf,’ and the likes of it, often filled with complicated metaphors and meandering descriptions of events which can be particularly difficult to understand, and often not for people who are reading poetry purely for pleasure.

Well, thanks to Mike Lee and a new generation of poets inspired by him, poetry no longer has to be dull and tedious, taking too long to scrutinize or decipher the meaning from it.

When you find Mike Lee’s book, entitled “Not Gonna Write Poems - A Poetry Book for All the Non-Poets”. The book seems to be the exception to “boring old poetry,” and some readers might even mistake this quirky, whimsical, well-written work for prose. Lee takes poetry and applies it to our society, making references to simple everyday topics, such as homework, hair, slime, and the Boogey Monster. Lee makes sure that none of the poems over a page long; an effort to appeal to the really young reader.

Lee does a good job of making poetry a fun read. Some of the poems that stand out in the collection include “The Owl and the Mole” and “The Tortoise and the Hare (The Alternative Story)”. Not Gonna Write Poems is written for children of all ages, even for adults who like to read to their children.

Not Gonna Write Poems: A Poetry Book for All the Non-Poets is a collection that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Sketches by the author and his daughter, Jessica, further enrich the funny and insightful verses. With the book, both adults and children are inspired to discover poetry, to laugh, and perhaps to write poetry themselves.

Not Gonna Write Poems is a humorous, and down to earth, collection of poems written for the poet’s daughter, and in doing this, Lee succeeded in creating a collection that is the perfect introduction to poetry that any child will adore. The book is the complete opposite of old English poetry that’s chocked with out-dated language, complicated metaphors, and intricate juxtapositions. Mike Lee has become a voice for modern-day poets, a kind of poetry that really reaches all types of audiences, while simultaneously addressing social issues.

Dr. Lee’s collection of 78 poems focus on different topics from the ordinary, unconventional, and distressing topics of daily family life. The author did a great job of making poetry a relatable and shareable family affair and asserts that this was his main reason for writing the book.

The book takes a humorous and relaxed approach, yet managing to address serious subjects such as anger-management issues in “The Angry Young Man” and cancer in “Mi Tia (My Aunt).”  Lee presents these challenging subjects in a soothing but candid manner, the poems portray several teachable and relatable moments. Parents have the chance to address these sensitive but real-life topics using Lee’s poems as a starter to allay children’s fears on delicate topics